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EdPrivacy by Education Framework: Student Data Privacy Peace of Mind [Video]

Protecting K-12 data privacy is a big challenge for U.S. school districts. Learn how EdPrivacy helps simplify and streamline the student privacy management process, protecting student data and providing privacy peace of mind.


Watch video here: EdPrivacy by Education Framework - Student Data Privacy Peace of Mind [Video]

As a Director of Technology, is managing student data privacy giving you a headache? We get it!

Federal and state student data privacy laws demand online resources used in school districts be reviewed and approved, and it's a lot to keep up with!

We know that keeping student data private is a big concern for districts, but with so many vendor policies to vet, it's become extremely time-consuming.

That's why we created Education Framework!


Education Framework provides student data privacy peace of mind through an easy-to-use K through twelve data privacy platform called EdPrivacy. This solution consistently vets the safety and security of online applications based on FERPA, COPPA, and state privacy requirements.


The EdPrivacy platform has:

  • A searchable database of over ten thousand applications most-often used in schools that have been vetted by data privacy experts.
  • An easy to understand and consistent rating system of vendor privacy policies called Privacy Quality Scores. 
  • And a quick and easy way to request a vendor’s Privacy Quality Score if it is not already in the privacy database, with new evaluations completed in twenty-four to forty-eight weekday hours!

Let Education Framework be your trusted partner to answer questions, decipher complicated privacy policies and protect student data.

Learn more and visit today!