EdPrivacy: K-12 Privacy Compliance Framework 

An intuitive platform that automatically vets the privacy and safety of online applications based on compliance with FERPA, COPPA, and state privacy requirements.

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  • One-stop, searchable privacy scoring database with thousands of vetted online applications.
  • Machine-learning based AI vetting system with intuitive privacy scoring results.
  • Up-to-date list of vendor-approved applications posted easily to your district website.
  • On-demand scoring requests available for review within 24-48 weekday hours.


  • Expertise you can rely on when it comes to interpreting FERPA, COPPA, and state data privacy requirements.
  • Unbiased third party support to help make the tough decisions about app usage.
  • Transparent and consistent scoring system that thoroughly vets online technologies for privacy.
  • Streamlined privacy management and simple communication with parents.


  • Intermediary to facilitate vendor improvement requests.
  • Ability to mediate resolution with third party service providers.
  • Monitor changes to privacy policies and receive notification when privacy quality scores change.
  • Regular privacy policy review every 2-3 weeks on FERPA and COPPA compliant EdTech learning resources.