About Education Framework: Data Privacy Experts

Founded in 2013, Education Framework Incorporated is the student data privacy expert paving the way for privacy-minded K-12 leaders. The Education Framework team is comprised of entrepreneurs, parents, and trusted partners committed to creating an environment of data privacy safety, security, efficiency, and collaboration. Education Framework provides data privacy safety and security to 100's of thousands of students in the U.S.  and is rapidly growing its impact.

We Are Hiring Certified Privacy Experts

We are looking for experienced, certified privacy professionals (CIPP), to develop and maintain policy procedures relating to education technology vendor compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. These new positions will support student data protection analysis operations and provide oversight for data privacy information. Successful candidates will be able to identify solutions to mitigate risk as it relates to student data protection, as well as identify solutions that bring efficacy, consistency, transparency and the elimination of redundancy in school district operations of student data privacy management. Applicants must be able to provide privacy consultation, education, and training to partner school districts pertaining to student data privacy and data security management.