Student Data Privacy
Peace of Mind
K-12 Data Privacy Management Solution

Keep Student Data Safe and Secure

Reduce district privacy risk by maintaining and easily publishing an up-to-date list of safe-to-use applications for students, teachers, and parents.

Find Privacy Scores for 9,000+ Vetted Resources

Quickly and easily search for application privacy scores based on FERPA, COPPA, and state privacy requirements.

Save Time and Money

No need to waste precious internal resources that do not have the time or expertise to stay abreast of complicated data privacy laws.

Work with the Trusted Data Privacy Experts

Tap into a well-vetted, consistent data privacy scoring system created by student data privacy experts.



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Fast & Reliable


Growing Daily


Protecting Student Data


K-12 data privacy protection to keep your students safe!

Proactively protecting student data since 2013.


   Partner with trusted experts in school student data privacy management.

   Protect students and reduce risk of data privacy breach by ensuring vendor compliance with FERPA, COPPA, and state data privacy laws.

   Benefit from a return on your investment (ROI) that saves time and money.


   Save time with a quick, easy, and efficient data privacy vetting and scoring tool.

   Easily access a searchable database of education resources that are vetted for privacy and safe to use in your classroom.

   Use single sign-on with your school district based Google or Microsoft Office 365 account.


   Have confidence that your district is protecting your children's personal information.

   View an up-to-date list of vetted, district-approved applications and websites that are safe for your children to use.

   Ensure your district is staying current with changing data privacy laws and regulations.