EdPrivacy - Proactive Student Data Privacy Protection.

Every educational software package, website, and app comes with a lengthy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Those are the legal-looking documents we all usually agree to without reading or even giving a second thought. But when it comes to our children’s data, it’s not only important to understand how student data is used, it’s the law. 

Consider "Privacy First"

Commit to privacy before curriculum, content, and student outcomes.

On-Demand Privacy Assessments

Leverage thousands of privacy quality scores to easily vet education resources on-demand.


Make Student Data Personal

Inform faculty, staff and parents about how vendors use student data.

Consent on Behalf of Parents

Get all the information you need to determine if your district can provide consent on behalf of parents for apps and websites.

EdPrivacy Features

Simple Privacy Assessments

Understand privacy policies at-a-glance.

Vendor Improvement Requests

Engage vendors about making improvements.

Approved Technology Lists

Keep parents and your community informed

Single Sign-On

Leverage Google G-Suite or MS Office 365.

Consent Recomendations

Understand when schools can grant consent.

Online Curriculum Audit

Conduct audits throughout the district.

Contract Management

Request and post contracts from vendors.

Student Data Privacy Analytics

Understand the state of privacy in your district.

and more...

Works anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Deploy district-wide to faculty and staff with SSO.
Manage the app request and approval process across your district.