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Katie Onstad
Katie Onstad


Technology in the Classroom

How Technology in the Classroom Impacts Student Data Privacy

Until a parent voiced a concern, teachers in an Illinois school district had been able to use any application or online resource they chose in their classrooms. That parent inquiry sent the superintendent and director of technology on a quest that led to major changes in how the district investigates and vets applications and websites for use. Learn how River Forest School District 90 stepped up their privacy game with help from EdPrivacy by Education Framework.
CCPA student data privacy

The California Consumer Privacy Act Bolstering Student Data Privacy Goes into Effect

Beginning January 1, 2020, The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) is in effect. This comprehensive law protects the personal information of all California residents collected by any company doing business in the state of California. Edtech companies that collect PII from California students are bound by this new law. Read more about CCPA and learn how EdPrivacy helps school district leaders navigate the requirements of multiple laws and ensure student data is properly protected.
School Data Breach

Is Your School District at Risk for a Data Breach?

Cybercrime continues to increase across all industries, including education. As district leaders work to protect student privacy and avoid a school data breach, criminals are finding creative ways to access student and faculty personal information. Read about how to proactively protect student data and learn best practices to keep personally identifiable information safe and secure.