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avoiding school data breach

School Data Breach Protection with EdPrivacy - eSchool News Article

Recently eSchool News published an article about Forsyth County School's use of EdPrivacy by Education Framework to proactively protect student data privacy and avoid school data breach. The article shares many of the highlights after Forsyth's first year of using EdPrivacy, as well as Forsyth's ROI for protecting student data privacy.  

Forsyth district tech leaders actively searched for an enterprise data privacy solution that would allow their educators to be autonomous in finding and selecting safe technologies for the classroom. They found the answer in EdPrivacy - a machine-learning based AI vetting system with intuitive privacy scoring results that gives local school personnel the ability to independently find online resources that are compliant with state and federal privacy laws. EdPrivacy's one-stop, searchable privacy scoring database with thousands of vetted online applications available for immediate review has proven to be helpful to Forsyth, both in saving time and the bottom line.

Read the full eSchool News article here: How one district handles student data privacy

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