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Education News - EdTech Digest Interview

EdPrivacy founders Jim and Katie Onstad are featured in an education news leadership profile in EdTech Digest written by editor-in-chief Victor Rivero—“A Necessary Framework.” With fears about inappropriate use of student data at an all-time high, Rivero explores how the Onstads got their start in student data management.

Their interest was driven by questions arising from protecting their own children’s data privacy. Once they began their research, the Onstads discovered that data protection was a problem that needed a solution for schools and districts. Today, there is still much confusion and misunderstanding around student data privacy, and many districts struggle to comply with privacy legislation. 

Read this interview to learn about the Onstad’s journey in developing EdPrivacy—the only privacy management solution available to schools that actually does the privacy vetting of thousands of digital tools, apps, and online resources.