EdPrivacy: Student Data Privacy Peace of Mind

An intuitive platform that consistently vets the safety and security of online applications based on compliance with FERPA, COPPA, and state privacy requirements.

 Free Trial

  • One-stop, searchable privacy scoring database for thousands of vetted online applications.
  • Machine-learning artificial intelligence technology and an intuitive dashboard summarizing the scoring results.
  • Up-to-date list of vendor-approved applications posted easily to your district website.
  • On-demand scoring requests available for review within 24-48 weekday hours.
  • Expertise you can rely on when it comes to interpreting FERPA, COPPA, and state data privacy requirements.
  • Unbiased third party support to help make the tough decisions about app usage.
  • Transparent and consistent scoring system that thoroughly vets online technologies for privacy.
  • Streamlined privacy management and simple communication with parents.
  • Intermediary to facilitate vendor improvement requests.
  • Ability to mediate resolution with third party service providers.
  • Monitor changes to privacy policies and receive notification when privacy quality scores change.
  • Regular privacy policy review every 2-3 weeks.


Additional Features


Single sign-on

Use Google G-Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365 for Education or Classlink (SAML).

Platform agnostic privacy scores

iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows, and web based online applications.

Application management

Track and catalog all the student, teacher, and district-level approved applications in use across the district.

Contract management

Handle the signature process and provide one convenient repository for all EdTech vendor contracts.


Privacy Quality Scoring System

The vetting process for the EdPrivacy scoring system is clear and easy to understand by administrators and teachers alike.

Privacy policy posted

Does the vendor have a privacy policy posted publicly on their website?

Commercial/Educational use

Is personal student data used for commercial, non-educational purposes?

Parent/Guardian rights

Can parents review and delete their students personal information from vendor?


Personal data encrypted

Is encryption used during the transfer of student data over the internet?

Data retained for education only

Is student data retained by the vendor for non-educational purposes?

Data securely protected

Is student data securly stored and protected by industry standard measures?