Bethel Public Schools - Approved Technology List

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11161504 Direct 504 Direct yes view 1/19/2017
10094Accelerated Reader Accelerated Reader yes view view 1/13/2017
10987AIMSweb AIMSweb yes view view 1/13/2017
10019Animoto Animoto yes view view 12/22/2016
11165Autocrat Autocrat yes view 1/19/2017
11674BASC-3 BASC-3 yes view view 9/17/2018
10505Bee Bot Bee Bot yes view 1/19/2017
14352Bee-Bot Bee-Bot yes view 9/17/2018
11097Big Ideas Math Big Ideas Math yes view view 9/18/2018
12467Bitsbox Bitsbox yes view view 9/18/2018
13526Bloomz Bloomz yes view view 9/18/2018
16088Bloxels Builder Bloxels Builder yes view view 9/18/2018
17033Boater Exam Boater Exam yes view view 9/18/2018
11693BrainPOP BrainPOP yes view view 12/22/2016
10578BrainPOP Jr BrainPOP Jr yes view view 12/22/2016
11451BrightBytes BrightBytes yes view view 1/19/2017
11842Chrome (EDU) Chrome (EDU) yes view 1/13/2017
13882Cimo Spelling Sight Lite (Multi-User) Cimo Spelling Sight Lite (Multi-User) yes view 9/18/2018
11553ck12 ck12 yes view view 1/13/2017
14243Class Dojo Class Dojo yes view view 9/18/2018
11965Classdogo Classdogo yes view view 1/19/2017
10065ClassDojo ClassDojo yes view view 12/22/2016
10506Classflow Classflow yes view view 1/19/2017
10438Classkick Classkick yes view view 1/19/2017
11826Clever Clever yes view view 12/22/2016
11910Code Academy Code Academy yes view view 12/22/2016
16424Code HS Code HS yes view view 9/18/2018
10437Code Studio Code Studio yes view view 1/19/2017 yes view view 12/22/2016
12374Codehs Codehs yes view view 2/2/2017
13858Codespark Academy With The Foos - Coding For Kids Codespark Academy With The Foos - Coding For Kids yes view view 9/18/2018
10141Comic Life Comic Life yes view 1/19/2017
16340Common Lit Common Lit yes view view 9/18/2018
12822Cram Cram yes view 9/18/2018
12138Curriculum Pathways Curriculum Pathways yes view view 1/13/2017
11256desmos desmos yes view view 9/18/2018
11173Desmos Graphic Calculator Desmos Graphic Calculator yes view view 12/22/2016
16272Digication Digication yes view 9/18/2018
11401Doceri Doceri yes view view 12/22/2016
10160Dropbox Dropbox yes view view 1/13/2017
10066Duolingo Duolingo yes view view 12/22/2016
10161Duolingo- Learn Languages for Free Duolingo- Learn Languages for Free yes view view 1/19/2017
10062EasyBib EasyBib yes view view 9/18/2018
10042Edmodo Edmodo yes view view 12/22/2016
10526Edpuzzle Edpuzzle yes view view 12/22/2016
10164Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Educreations Interactive Whiteboard yes view view 12/22/2016
10478Epic! Epic! yes view 9/18/2018 yes view view 4/24/2017
10171Explain Everything Explain Everything yes view view 12/22/2016
11614Explain Everything Classic Explain Everything Classic yes view 1/19/2017